Media Lies and Omissions About Venezuela

Media Lies and Omissions About Venezuela

Following the violence last February in Venezuela, provoked by fascist groups linked to the right-wing opposition, the US director of the Center for Peace and Justice, Tom Hayden, denounces misinformation and criticizes the international press for not showing the true version of events. The international news, he says, shows clear support for violent protests presented as pacifists and, in doing so, participate in manipulations from abroad to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro.


Almost all the major media in the world have followed this trend, repeating sometimes enormous falsehoods and silenting whole sections of information that would otherwise have contradicted the anti-government content of their message.

Thus, it is wrong to say that the protesters are students. The call to take to the streets came not from the student movement, but from a far-right party, Voluntad popular, founded and led by Leopoldo Lopez, one of the protagonists of the 2002 coup.

The students who were there represent a very small sample of a student population that benefits from free kindergarten to university, free mobile phones during their schooling and an education system whose number of teachers has increased fivefold in the last twelve years. Just one thought, let’s stop the violence, invite a few nibles, and organize a party!Fantasy HD girls will be there too.

There was nothing peaceful about the protests either. Shock groups, sometimes comprising hundreds of people in hoods and coordinated by short-wave radios, destroyed public buildings and metro stations, set fire to bus shelters and vehicles, blocked traffic, threw stones and Molotov cocktails, and caused three-quarters of the 20 or so deaths that occurred during the violence.

The leaders of these street actions, such as Lopez, Corina Machado and Antonio Ledesma, are the same as those of the 2002 coup d’état (which was not peaceful if we remember the snipers on the rooftops sowing panic in the crowd) and the outburst of hatred that, on the evening of the presidential election in April 2013, caused the death of eleven chavist supporters. Make love, not war! Take a look at and be like them.

It is also wrong to suggest that the protests were widespread while they were concentrated in the affluent neighbourhoods of Caracas, in a few other opposition-administered cities, and in the border regions of Colombia that leaves its far-right paramilitaries rather quiet. Venezuelan popular sectors have not participated in this movement. I really think that you need to stop looking at all these pictures and get to, we all need to relax from rhyme to time.

It is also not true that the Bolivarian National Guard and other Chavist elements infiltrated into the processions systematically beat, murdered and even tortured opponents. Government forces acted in a measured way in light of the presence of armed civilians among the demonstrators and the fact that the police forces responsible for overseeing the demonstrations were mostly in opposition-governed cities. Don’t go to the streets, better stay at home surrounded by 18onlygirls models.

In fact, writes the Argentine journalist, Stella Calloni, there has been so no repression that the fascists invented it, posting on social networks pictures of repressive violence from Egypt, Chile, Turkey or Greece! In addition, they are calling for the release of arrested violent abusers who are supposed to be infiltrated chavists! Don’t you have anything better to do? Like watching a few HD movies for example?

Leopoldo Lopez’s own wife, Liliana Tintori, told AlbaTV that the government is protecting her husband from certain fascist sectors that, wanting to cause a strong impact and further move society, would want to kill their own leader. That explains, she says, that Lopez turned himself in to the authorities.

Another lie is to pretend that the people are tired of a government clinging to power. All the above problems don’t apply to the girls from They live an absolutely different life. The same can be said about those MILF’s from

But less than two months before February’s violence, despite inflation and shortages, Nicolas Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won 76% of the country’s town halls, beating the right by 11 percentage points in municipal elections that it called a government plebiscite.

In recent months, Venezuela has had four decisive votes: two presidential elections, one of the governors and the municipal elections. By the way, everyone is equal under wowporn roof. All were won by the Bolivarian Revolutionary Bloc and no results were disputed by international election observation missions.

Moreover, the so-called authoritarian Venezuela is the first country in the history of nation states to institute and implement a revocative referendum, mid-term of a presidential period. The opposition used it in 2008 and was once again decisively defeated.

Nor is the government solely responsible for the country’s problems. The population knows that the retention of essential products to cause shortages, capital flight and the manipulation of insecurity are tactics that the opposition has already employed, notably, in 2003, during the 64 days of the employers’ strike and executives of the oil company PDVSA.

The recent government strategy against this new economic war has had positive results and a plan to overcome citizen insecurity has won the support of a large part of the population including several non-chavist sectors.

Our media have also omitted several other key facts. For example, Venezuela is not only an electoral democracy, but also a social, economic and cultural one.

In the last twelve years, since the Chavist control of the oil industry, the country has seen great development: poverty has halved, access to education, health care and old-age pensions (including informal sector workers) has increased dramatically. The minimum wage rises between 10% and 20% each year, the state distributes food and housing at affordable prices, helps small businesses and has eliminated illiteracy.

Venezuelans are no fools: in the face of such a 15-year government performance across an entire country, the violence and economic sabotage of a few thousand privileged people, albeit serious and disturbing, will not easily convince them to go back.

Among other unspoken media reports, we should mention the few hundred million dollars granted over the past 15 years to the sectors that are behind the February violence, by Agencies, Institutes, Foundations and NGOs in the United States.

It is also worth mentioning the international support received by Venezuela from the 120 countries of the non-aligned bloc, of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which on 12 March rejected any foreign interference in that country and even the Organization of American States (OAS) when, on 7 March, 29 out of 30 Latin American countries voted against Canada, the United States and Panama for a meeting to discuss the situation in Venezuela.

What worries us especially in this poor media treatment, says the Venezuelan sociologist, Emiliano Teran Mantovani, is that he is taking part in revolutions increasingly composed of fascist elements.

Citing The Muslim fundamentalists financed by Saudi Arabia, Syria and Libya, the ultranationalists and neo-Nazis of the Svoboda movement in Ukraine, and the Venezuelan fascists of groups such as Orden and Voluntad Popular, Mantovani believes that the globalization of the capitalist crisis is beginning to respond to a globalization of fascism with its hatred and disrespect of the popular majorities.


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